Healthy Milestones

Parenting has always been a bit of a mystery. No two children are the same. Even if you’ve raised one or two already, you can find that taking care of your next child is uncharted territory. Luckily, there are many milestones you can follow to understand your child’s development and figure out if he or she is on the right track physically, emotionally, and cognitively. 

Important indicators of development usually take place within certain time frames. While every child is different, here is a sketch of what you can expect your baby to do as he or she grows:

  • 0-3 months – stretch, kick, smile, interact with people, recognize familiar objects and faces
  • 4-7months – sit on their own, play with others, explore with hands and mouth, express emotion
  • 8-12 months – crawl, act shy or anxious with strangers, imitate gestures, use objects correctly
  • 2 years – follow simple commands, say 50-100 words, say two-word sentences, recognize pictures in books
  • 5 years – hop, swing, draw geometric shapes and letters, eat with utensils, tell stories, understand time, agree to rules, sing, dance, act and form friendships

Remember, these timeframes do not apply to every child. Don’t be alarmed if your child develops at a slightly different pace. 

But do see your pediatrician if you notice frequent unhappiness, fear, disinterest, aggression or helplessness. These behaviors may indicate a condition that requires some extra love and attention.

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