Showing Your Mom She’s Special

A Mother Lode of Love

For many women, their mom has been a constant – someone who has helped them navigate the trials of life and shaped the person they are today.

As they get older, these local women have placed an emphasis on showing their moms how thankful they are for the formative years of their childhood and the many years to come. Read on for their firsthand accounts of how they dish out love and respect to the women who deserve it the most.

Chantelle Respert

Oscar Wilde is credited with saying, ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.’ My mother, Velma Wilson, is the epitome of wisdom, grace, and fierce authenticity. I show my mother that she is special each day and honor her legacy by living the values she taught me. When I think of who she is, what she has accomplished, and all that she has poured into my life, Oscar Wilde’s words ring true. So, when I hear ‘You must be Velma’s daughter’ or am referred to as ‘Velma Jr.,’ I know I am paying homage to her greatness. I hope she is flattered.”

Brittney Murphy

My momma is one of the biggest blessings in my life. She gives and gives to me and my family over and above what would ever be expected. So, when it comes time to serve her, I go all out. I make sure she gets pedicures, I’ve had her car detailed, I fill up her gas tank, I’ve bought her a new fancy purse, I take care of her skincare, and I make sure she eats healthy foods. While she appreciates all of those things and feels special when I do them, she prefers my time. When we get time to sit and talk, just the two of us, without any kiddos running around, I soak her up. I love to hug her, tell her how beautiful she is, listen to her talk about her job and her friends, and recount stories from the past. She finds the most value in our time spent together, and she passed down that value to me.”

Susannah Shaver

I’ve always been a part of a loud, busy, and close family. We travel together and try to text or call every day. My husband and I love to host everyone for holidays and weekly dinners, and my mom enjoys everyone’s laughter, cooking, and fellowship. To see her so happy makes us happy. We also love to spoil our mom. She truly is a creature of comfort, so a pedicure, a girl’s night of dinner and wine, and a massage always seem to brighten up her day. She’s endured cancer and loss and worked her entire life for others; it’s the least I can do to show her she’s so special to our entire family!”

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