Learning the Ropes: Women Share Career Advice

Locals Offer Words of Wisdom

With every step you take in life, there’s no shortage of advice coming your way. Friends, family, colleagues, and mentors are generally quick to offer up words of wisdom, but how do you separate the useful tips from the ones that don’t serve you? Here, three local ladies have weeded through words and offered up the tips that have made the most difference when it comes to their careers.

Over the years, I’ve received enough career advice to fill chapters in a book. When taking advice, I’m open-minded and appreciative; however, I always consider the source. Observation is another avenue where I’ve gained wisdom. Surround yourself with only positive, ethical, and successful people who inspire you and lift you higher. Folks compliment my tribe of ladies who inspire, challenge, support, and uplift one another. Our motto is, ’We rise by lifting others.’ Positivity begets positivity, negativity begets negativity. Just being around successful, positive people helps you feel the same emotion. Always remember that who you spend the most time with is who you eventually become. No job is worth your mental health. Pursue a career that brings meaning and fulfillment to your life. If in a toxic environment, look for another opportunity. Make proper use of one’s time by always learning and growing.”

Some of the best career advice I’ve received has been from my parents. Since I can remember, my father has always encouraged me to ‘treat people right’ and ‘whatever I do, give it 100%.’ I’ve taken this life advice and applied it directly to my manufacturing career over the past 15 years and my life now as a new business owner. My mother’s advice has always been to never be afraid to ask for help! When I opened my bridal studio in 2021, I received so much support from mentors and other local business professionals in the industry. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that jumped to assist me after I swallowed my pride and asked for help! I have also received so much retail business advice and positive feedback from other women-owned boutique owners on social media, and for that, I’m so very grateful!”

Some of the best career advice I have received is to make your dream job, rather than wait to find it. Be open to new challenges and experiences, and as you learn more about your talents, interests, and self through these opportunities, you’ll be able to define a role that really suits your skills and will help you build the life you want. Of course, a downside to this path is that you will be taking on work that you may not especially enjoy in the moment, but that in and of itself is a learning opportunity. That experience will build your resume and set up a really strong foundation for you to excel in future specialized or leadership positions. Lean on your network, ask for new opportunities, absorb as much as you possibly can from your colleagues and peers, and never give up!”

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