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The Beauty of Embracing Originality

We’re all guilty of it. Everyone has at least one thing about themselves that they would like to change. It’s a well known but rarely talked about phenomenon that equalizes us as humans. But as the old adage queries, “How boring would this world be if we all looked alike?” One of the most fantastic things about humanity is originality!

When we succumb to negative self-doubt that accompanies our insecurities, it is actually physically displayed in our appearance. Low self-esteem, and the stress of appearing in public that comes with it, can cause skin, hair, and nails to be less hydrated. This is because your body sends blood and other important fluids to your vital organs during times of stress.

Your posture can be similarly affected – when you’re insecure about a particular part of your body, you tend to subconsciously try to conceal it from view. This can apply to anything from a pimple on your forehead to a waistline you feel is too large.

As you slump and dart your glances away, that self-consciousness you’re feeling inside becomes apparent on the outside as well. Studies show these behaviors and self-doubt are noticeable and less attractive than confidence. According to Psychology Today, “When you’re convinced you look good, others see you in a more favorable light.” And vice versa.

flawesome woman backlit with fist in air

It’s time to shed insecurities and start embracing every unique thing about yourself. Here are a few tips to growing your self-confidence and accepting yourself as flawesome!

Grow Your Self-Confidence

Positive Self-Talk– Rather than saying to yourself, “Oh great job, dummy!” when you mess up on something, say, “That’s alright. I’ll know how to do it next time!” Instead of, “You’ll be uncomfortable all day if you wear that.” try saying, “I love this dress. I’m going to rock it today!” By simply changing the tune of your stream of thoughts, you can boost your confidence and impact your physical appearance.

Smile More – Not only can smiling help combat your body’s reaction to stress, which we know affects your appearance, but it also improves your mood and the way other people perceive you. It is proven to actually boost your happiness. So show those pearly whites as often as you can!

Instead of, “You’ll be uncomfortable all day if you wear that.” try saying, “I love this dress. I’m going to rock it today!”

Stand up Straight– Practice good posture: stand up straight, hold your shoulders back and your head high. People with good posture are automatically perceived as more confident. And whether you feel confident or not, just taking a stronger stance can increase your feelings of confidence. If you naturally tend to slump, you may have a weak back. Simple exercises like planks and stretching can help remedy bad posture caused by weakness.

The Bottom Line

A positive mindset can heal self-doubt. Positivity begets itself and allows you to feel more confident. By simply feeling more confident, you’re guaranteed to look and feel better. Start practicing some self-love and acceptance to be the most beautiful version of yourself.

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