notebooks, planners, and chic office supplies in chattanooga

Organize Your… Self!

Employing the Power of Personal Planners Research suggests that the act of physically putting pen to paper helps us remember what we’re noting more than

pantry shelves with jars of food and various ceramic dishes in chattanooga

Organize Your Pantry

An organized life is a less stressful life. And an organized pantry is not only less stressful, but it will also save you time and

Young woman diving into her very messy, unorganized closet searching for something. Vertical shot.

“But I Might Need It.”

From Clutter to Compulsive Hoarding When discussing the issue of hoarding, we are not talking about hobbyists, individuals with a passion to collect baseball cards

medicine pill bottles in blue background

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Tips for Cleaning, Organizing & Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet When you trudge sneezing, wheezing and bleary-eyed to your medicine cabinet, you don’t want to claw

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