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An interview with Cami Killom, NP at Revive Aesthetics & Wellness



How do you develop a lip injection plan for each client?

Lip injections are performed by a medical professional using a hyaluronic acid filler. In developing a plan, we assess our client’s baseline anatomy during consultations and also his/her outcome wishes. That determines which product we choose.


How long do lip injections last?

Lip injections typically last 10-12 months. However, this all depends on the person’s metabolic rate.


How and where is the procedure performed?

The procedure is performed in the office by a licensed health care provider using specialized and precise techniques with a needle. Topical numbing cream is applied to ensure the patient’s comfort. After the patient is numbed, we begin the procedure to achieve a perkier pout.


What steps does a patient need to take following the procedure?

Patients should avoid exercise and apply ice to the lips off and on (no longer than 30 minutes at a time) for the first 24 hours. Following the procedure, patients should sleep with a pillow that elevates the head at night.


What is your philosophy when it comes to the care of your patients?

We individualize each patient’s plan of care, always avoiding a cookie-cutter approach. Our philosophy is to never change a person’s appearance! We strive to enhance his/her natural attributes through facial rejuvenation services.


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