Breast Augmentation: For Enhancing Your Figure

Breast Augmentation


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How do you develop a plan to best suit each client?

At the complimentary consultation, we discuss the patient’s desires, review their medical history, perform an exam, then discuss the options available that will give the patient their desired result.


What is the implant procedure process like?

First, we do a pre-operative sizing to determine the patient’s desires. The procedure involves a small incision, creating a pocket for the implant, then using sizers intra-operatively we determine the best implant for the patient.


What’s the recovery like following this procedure?

Recovery is typically easy. Mild pain and swelling occurs after surgery, but it resolves quickly. Patients are usually back to routine, low-stress activities within a week and are fully recovered to resume exercise and full activities by six weeks.


How do you follow up with your patients after an implant procedure?

What follows are two to three follow-up visits to ensure patient progress. At the first post-op visit, patients are instructed in proper aftercare. Over the next several weeks patients resume their normal routines, and we provide intermittent check-ins to ensure everything is healing well.


What is your philosophy when it comes to caring for your patients?

Our philosophy is that our patients and their satisfaction are our top priority. We treat our patients like family and treat them the way we would want to be treated. Providing the best possible outcome for every patient is our standard.


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About the Clinic

About Us:

We are Chattanooga’s premier plastic surgery practice providing surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic and aesthetic services to enhance, restore, and beautify the face, breasts, and body.


What we offer:

We offer cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast lifts, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, facial rejuvenation such as face and neck lifts, and much more.



We specialize in procedures that help women regain confidence in their appearance.



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