Advancements in Medicine

By Laura Childers
Is there a different way to treat this? Is there a better way to understand this? These are critical questions in the field of health care – and they are questions local professionals ask themselves daily to stay current on the latest research, procedures, techniques, and technologies. Here in Chattanooga, we are fortunate to have no shortage of practices committed to cutting-edge care. We are proud to present just a few of their offerings in the following pages, including:



SS.Sp3Advancements in Relieving Neck Pain

For patients suffering from advanced degenerative disc disease in the neck, Cervical Total Disc Replacement (CTDR) can resolve symptoms without limiting range of motion. Success rates are high and patients can return to daily activity in as little as three to four weeks. Click here to read more!



SS.Skin2Advancements in Skin Cancer Treatment

In the past, treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers often led to painful healing, a lengthy recovery time, and scarring. Now advancements in Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) allow patients to receive treatment in the doctor’s office, and the procedure is brief, painless, and boasts a very high cure rate. Click here to read more!



SS.Fert1Advancements in Fertility Treatment

New studies suggest less hormonal stimulation may lead to fewer, but higher quality, eggs. Minimal Stimulation IVF, also known as Mini-IVF, delivers lower doses of medication over a shorter period of time, making it less taxing on a woman’s body and more cost-effective for good candidates. Click here to read more!



SS.Cart2Advancements in Cartlidge Repair

Patients with cartilage injuries in their knees or ankles once had limited treatment options. There was practically no technology available to recreate their natural cartilage tissue. But now, the DeNovo NT Tissue Graft can spur damaged cartilage to repair and restore itself. Click here to read more!



SS.LS2Advancements in Critical Limb Salvage

Vascular surgeons can now treat life-threatening limb disease without making an open incision. Thanks to new devices and advanced imaging systems, procedures are done in a timelier fashion with reduced costs to the patient and insurance provider. Click here to read more!



SS.H2Advancements in Hearing Technology

Equipped with advanced features and user-friendly technology, today’s devices are transforming daily life for the hard of hearing. New offerings include Bluetooth or wireless hearing aids, extended-wear hearing aids, and custom electronic hearing protection. Click here to read more!



SS.C1Advancements in Concussion Management

In the past, concussion patients were told their only option was to wait it out. But now, new therapy options like vestibular rehabilitation show promise for expediting healing and a safe return to sports and physical activity. Click here to read more!