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Well-Seasoned: Cayenne

Benefits and How to Use It

Turn up the heat on health conditions while adding an edge to your favorite dishes with this spicy little pepper.

Using Cayenne

Add a pop of color and a spicy kick to everything from stir-fry to scrambled eggs to dark chocolate desserts. Use the whole pepper form in sauces and use powdered cayenne for light to medium seasoning. You can even combine it with hot water, lemon, honey, and apple cider vinegar to soothe a sore throat.

Benefits of Cayenne

  1. Helps digestion and detoxification – By increasing saliva, enzyme, and gastric juice production, all of which help the body metabolize food, cayenne aides digestion. This increased efficiency helps move toxins and bacteria out of the body faster.
  2. Supports weight loss and boosts metabolism – As an anti-inflammatory food, cayenne assists the body in various functions that contribute to weight loss. It also suppresses appetite and regulates glucose levels.
  3. Relieves migraine pain – The spice of cayenne triggers a neurological pain response to your mouth, pulling the brain’s attention away from other pains and depleting the nerves’ chemical signal for pain.
  4. Relieves joint and nerve pain – The powdered form of cayenne can also be applied in a cream or salve to draw out and deplete the body’s chemical signal for pain (avoid sensitive areas when applying topically).
  5. Anti-irritant – Consuming cayenne helps heal ulcers by inhibiting acid secretion while stimulating mucus secretions and gastric blood flow.
  6. Prevents blood clots and regulates blood pressure and blood sugar – Cayenne dilates arteries and blood vessels while blocking lipid deposits that narrow these passageways. As a result, it encourages blood flow and prevents heart attacks. It also lowers blood sugar.
  7. Treats cold and flu – Packed with vitamins A, E, and C, beta carotene, and antioxidants, cayenne supports the immune system and also breaks up congestion.
  8. Stops bleeding – Powdered cayenne applied to a new cut will effectively stem the bleeding.
  9. Anti-fungal – Cayenne kills fungus and prevents the formation of new fungal pathogens.

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