The Benefits and Uses

This aromatic, evergreen herb contains a plethora of positive properties which can be harnessed by ingesting or topically applying the herb. It can be used fresh or dried, and its concentrated essential oil can be used to harness its health benefits too.

Thyme is also a perennial plant, meaning it lives for years, unlike annuals which need to be replaced each year. It grows well in hot locations with full sun and will spread as a short ground cover. It’s hearty enough to withstand freezing temperatures as well as drought, making it well suited for more rugged terrain. It even grows wild on mountain highlands.

Some of thyme’s medicinal properties include: circulation improvement, heart health support, vision improvement, and potent antiseptic properties.


Thanks to its high iron content, thyme stimulates red blood cell production, which naturally increases blood-oxygen levels and flow. This expedites physical healing processes and greatly benefits vital organs.


Heart Health

With the ability to improve circulation, thyme already supports heart health. However, in addition to this, thyme also contains several important nutrients and minerals, including high levels of potassium, which help relax blood vessels. This can result in lowered blood pressure and less stress on your cardiovascular system.


High levels of carotenoids and vitamin A found in thyme help fight free radicals in the ocular region and nutritionally support eye health. This helps stave off macular degeneration (leading cause of vision loss) and cataracts.


Thyme’s essential oil can contain anywhere from 20 to 54% thymol – which is a strong antiseptic. Thymol is often an active ingredient in numerous natural hand sanitizers and mouthwashes, and was used to pretreat bandages before antibiotics. It can also effectively treat various fungi, including some toenail maladies.

These and many other minor uses for thyme make it a wonderfully healthy addition to any diet. Not to mention it seasons poultry, sauces, and some baked goods with complementary flavor.

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