Roast Your Veggies to Perfection

5 Steps to a Great Side Dish

Get a sweet & savory side dish in just 5 easy steps.

1. Prep

Before you start chopping, preheat your oven to 450°F. Don’t worry about this being too high –it’s actually the key to getting that crisp-caramelized exterior and tender interior without overcooking. Line a roasting pan or sheet pan with foil for simple clean up.

2. Chop

Cut your veggies into evenly sized pieces so they’ll cook at the same rate. If you’re roasting several kinds at once, you may need to cook some longer than others (more on that below).

3. Coat

Toss your veggies with some oil in a bowl to add a touch of flavor and keep them from drying out (the bowl will help coat the oil evenly). Extra virgin olive oil is a go-to, but other good options include canola oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil.

roasted veggies on plate

4. Season

Kick up the flavor by squeezing on some lemon juice or throwing in fresh-cut herbs like thyme or rosemary. Or, keep it simple with fresh minced garlic, sea salt, or fresh ground pepper.

5. Cook

Spread your veggies onto the pan, making sure each one has enough room to breathe. Then, pop them in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes, tossing them once about halfway through. If you’re making a medley, hold the veggies that will cook quicker (like peppers, leeks, or cauliflower) until the end. Remove when all veggies look slightly crisp around the edges. It’s time to eat!

Quick Tip!

If you’d rather forego adding herbs and garlic to your mixture, consider infusing your olive oil. Olive oil infusers can be purchased at many kitchen supply stores.

Instead of pouring olive oil onto your veggies, try spritzing. A light spray can coat the vegetables evenly, and you won’t have to use as much oil.

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