Pack in More Protein

5 Simple Ways to Up Your Protein Intake

Women are busier than ever these days – it’s true! When balancing careers, families, relationships, personal health, hobbies, and a social life, it’s easy for nutrition to take a back seat. If you feel like you don’t have time to enjoy a home-cooked meal or plan healthy snacks, chances are you could be neglecting your protein intake. No worries! Check out these easy ways to pack a little more protein into your diet…

Add Almonds

Almonds are one of the healthiest nut options you can find. Packed with heart-healthy omega-3s, magnesium, and protein, these are worth keeping nearby. 

Snack on whole, lightly-salted almonds in between meals to feel full, or sprinkle some chopped almonds on your yogurt, salad, dessert, or entrée for added protein.

Start Your Day the Protein Way

Breakfast foods tend to be carb-heavy or sugary. By skipping the usual bagel, breakfast bar, or blueberry muffin, you’re already saving yourself from empty calories and a potential sugar crash. Now, replace those with eggs, Greek yogurt, or a protein shake, and you’ve found the recipe for staying full until lunch.

protein foods

Snack Smarter

Planning protein-rich snacks doesn’t have to make your day any more complicated. Simply keep things handy at work, like string cheese, protein powder, lean jerky, cottage cheese, yogurt packs, or even nut butter to enjoy with fruit.

Pair Protein with Plants

If you love to opt for a salad fairly often, add protein rich foods to increase your feeling of satiety. Chicken, turkey, tuna, or salmon are all lean choices. If you prefer to avoid meat, you can also add things like shredded cheese, cottage cheese, almonds, or beans.

Pick Protein at Each Meal

Try to incorporate some form of protein at each meal, and you will maintain feelings of fullness and energy. Packing in more protein will help you stabilize your appetite and energy level, burn more calories, build lean muscle, and even boost your immune system. And with these options, it doesn’t have to be hard!

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