Indulge the Smart Way!

Eating smart doesn’t mean banishing lust-worthy foods from your diet altogether. Sure, eating these comforting favorites can lead to weight gain, but eating them in the right way can be a healthy treat that helps you avoid feeling deprived. Here are some ways to indulge the smart way – cupcakes included!

Give yourself a break.

Start by giving yourself a break. Be easy on yourself – dieting is hard, and the stricter you make it, the more miserable you’re likely to feel. Allow yourself a cheat day every now and then. If you’ve been dreaming of strawberry cupcakes for days, chances are you won’t stop wanting them by banishing them from your life altogether. Pick a day each week when you can have that cupcake. And pasta. And a glass of wine. Indulge moderately, but then revert back to the dieting mindset for the rest of the week.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.32.18 PMDon’t go overboard.

Be smart about indulgences – just because it’s something you like, doesn’t mean it has to be the worst-for-you option out there. If you’re a potato chip junkie, opt for a baked or lighter version. If you can’t pass up fries, scale down the portion you’d usually order. If you’re having a weak moment and just need something that’s comforting, try to choose the best version of that food possible.

Plan like a pro.

If you know you have a morning meeting the next day where you’ll be tempted to snag a latte, pack a healthy, low-calorie lunch the night before so you don’t go overboard on calories throughout the day. Or if you have dinner plans at a place you know you’ll want to indulge, eat a low-fat, low-cal breakfast and lunch beforehand to avoid guilt at dinnertime.