How to Pack a Healthy, On-the-Go Breakfast

Get fancy.

Make-ahead breakfasts don’t have to be boring. If you have time the night before and want something a little more upscale, try baking tomato egg cups. Just cut a tomato in half and scoop out the middle, then crack an egg into each indentation. Season to taste, and then bake at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes. Pop in the fridge until the next day, and then eat them warmed up or cold.

Load up on lox.

It might not be a pantry staple down South, but cold, smoked salmon is a great substitute for bacon. Smokes salmon contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and requires no cooking. Pair it with low-fat cream cheese and a whole-wheat bagel.

Think whole wheat.

Frozen, whole-wheat waffles can be topped with preserves, honey, or berries for a simple, take-along breakfast. For another fiber-rich option, fill whole-wheat tortillas with scrambled eggs, diced veggies, and lean protein and freeze until you need them. Or try sandwiching heart-healthy fillings like avocado or peanut butter between a whole-wheat English muffin.

Make some muffins.

Whether you’re into something sweet (think sweet potato raisin) or something savory (like omelet-style egg and cheese), you can make muffins in your down time and store them for a day you’re running late. Muffins are the ideal shape and size to grab on your way out the door.

One super simple tip?

Boil in bulk. On Sunday, boil and peel a whole batch of eggs. They’ll keep for up to a week and are perfect to pair with low-fat yogurt or string cheese for a protein-packed me.

Separate servings.

To cut back on time spent in the kitchen, separate out single servings of cereal or oatmeal for each day in plastic containers. Cut up fruit, like strawberries or bananas, for toppers. You’ll be a splash of milk away from a vitamin- and mineral-packed breakfast.

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