Cutting Coffee Calories

How to Cut Calories and Sugar in Your Coffee

Plain, black coffee contains just two calories and no fat. Even better, coffee is known to have some serious health benefits. Recent studies have shown that coffee may help reduce the risk of many diseases, including prostate and endometrial cancers, Type 2 diabetes, oral and skin cancers, and dementia and Alzheimer’s. However, adding in cream and sweeteners can add major calories, upping fat and sugar content and lowering the “healthy factor.” Next time you have a cup, click on the PDF below for quick fixes for shaving off a few calories and getting the most out of your morning jolt.

Full PDF here.

1. Cut the creamer or use skim milk instead of whole milk.

2. Use a flavored roast instead of flavored syrups that are high in sugar.

3. If you get your coffee from the coffee shop, sweeten it yourself. Letting the barista sweeten the coffee takes the calorie control out of your hands.

4. Save the specialty drinks for no more than once a week. Frappuccinos, cappuccinos, and mochas can have as many calories as a scoop of ice cream. Consider these specialty drinks desserts and limit them.

5. Forego the whipped cream which can have more than 100 calories in one serving. If you must have a whipped topping, brew coffee at home and use light cream (fat-free Reddi-wip has just 5 calories per serving).

cup of coffee sitting on top of coffee beans

6. Always measure what you’re putting in your coffee. Instead of just pouring in the cream and sugar until the coffee is “the right color,” measure with tablespoons so you can keep up with the amount of calories you’re drinking.

7. Order a small coffee instead of the large that’s “just 30¢ more.” If you get a coffee that’s double the size, you will likely put twice the amount of cream and sugar in it – thus doubling the calories

Iced coffees from coffee shops are often made with powder and added syrups, so you can’t control the calories easily. Make your own at home by brewing coffee, adding dry spices (like cocoa and cinnamon) while it’s hot, and then pouring it over ice.

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