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Carrot Soufflé Recipe

Farm-fresh veggies and bitter winter days might not always go hand-in-hand. Not so with carrots.

Fall carrots can be left in the ground and covered with mulch, then harvested later.

Carrot Soufflé

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Recipe by PublixCourse: DessertCuisine: American



    Sweet and simple, this dish is a perfect side for your holiday gathering.


    • 1 pound

      fresh carrots

    • cup


    • 3

      large eggs (or ¾ cup egg substitute)

    • ½ cup


    • 3 Tbs

      all-purpose flour

    • 1 tsp

      baking powder

    • 1 tsp

      vanilla extract


    • Cook risotto with the vegetable stock on medium heat for about 5 minutes.

    • Add purée, diced squash, butter, and cheese. Mix well. 

    • Continue to stir until desired rich consistency. Add more vegetable stock if too thick, and continue to cook and stir.

    • Season to taste with salt and pepper. Top with more cheese.

    Nutrition Facts (per serving):

    • Calories—160 | Total Fat—10g | Cholesterol —100mg | Sodium—140mg | Carbohydrate—16g | Dietary Fiber—2g | Protein —3g

    Facts about Carrots

    How to Choose:

    Pick carrots with intensely deep hues, as these will be the freshest. Avoid carrots with faded pigments or hairy roots – both indicators that they’re past their prime. Also pass up any carrots with splits or cracks.

    Storing Wisdom:

    Cut off the greens. The first step to successfully storing carrots is to cut off the greens, as they sap nutrients from the roots. Then store carrots in a lid-covered container filled with water to keep them crisp until you cook. 

    Don't toss those tops!

    According to Epicurious, carrot tops aren’t actually poisonous, as is widely believed. Instead of tossing them, they suggest using them in a pesto or as a garnish for sweet soups – their bitterness will add a nice contrast. Or don’t eat them at all, and use their lush green stems as a flower arrangement filler.

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