Tried-and-True Eyeliners

Top of the Line

When it comes to your makeup routine, few products can make the impact that eyeliner can. Embrace your lashes with a simple and natural line, or use a winged line and a pop of color to let your personality shine!


If You’re Looking for Waterproof

When it comes to long-lasting waterproof eyeliner, Stila’s all-day liquid option is hard to beat. With a quick-drying formula, smudging and smearing won’t be a problem. This eyeliner comes in 14 colors, making it a great option for a clean and classy look or something more fun. The tip has the perfect amount of lubrication, allowing it to effortlessly glide – not pull – along the skin as you apply it. 

If You Prefer Gel

While it might take a little more skill to apply, if you’re a fan of gel liners, Bobbi Brown’s long-wear eyeliner is a great choice. Available in five colors, this gel-based formula is resistant to sweat and humidity and boasts an ultra-rich pigment. This product is also waterproof for up to eight hours and won’t fade or smudge. 

If You Like Bold, Thick Lines

If you’re a fan of a bold look that only a thick eyeliner can provide, Eyeko’s fat liquid eyeliner deserves a place in your cosmetic case. While it does only come in one color – carbon black – this chubby pen delivers lines that last up to 10 hours. Moisturizing algae extract means it glides along the skin and has a smooth finish, and for an added bonus, it’s vegan!

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