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Tips on Decluttering Your Makeup Collection

Let's Get Minimal!

Applying makeup should be uplifting and stress-free. If you’re looking to streamline your makeup routine and reduce clutter, a minimal makeup collection will help you get the most out of your cosmetics. Read on for tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best with less.

Follow the Travel Case Rule

A minimal makeup collection should be able to fit neatly in a standard-sized travel makeup case. If your case looks cluttered or overcrowded, your collection might be ready for a refresh.

Find Your Signature Look

You know your features and preferences best. Pare down special-occasion makeup, and focus on keeping a smaller collection of your favorite everyday essentials.

Love It or Leave It

“Just okay” products aren’t worth keeping. When you stick with products you love, you’ll save time on your routine and love your results.

woman with minimal makeup

Prioritize Multi-Function Products

A cream blush doubles as the perfect lip color, while a neutral highlighter can stand in for shimmery eyeshadow. Products with added benefits such as SPF protection and shine control are also great for boosting your minimal routine.

Use Fewer Tools

No need to rummage through your makeup bag for another sponge or specialized brush. Keep one or two versatile brushes in your collection, and allow clean hands to replace any unnecessary makeup tools.

Ditch Expired Makeup

Old cosmetics lack effectiveness, harbor bacteria, and are likely to irritate the skin. Here are some guidelines for how long your favorite products last before you should throw them out:

Foundation and Concealer
One Year

Cream Products
Six Months to One Year

Powder Products
12 to 18 Months

Four to Six Months

Eight Months to One Year

Lip Gloss
12 to 18 Months

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