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Spring Cleaning Makeup

In 4 Easy Steps

It’s springtime and you know what that means: cleaning time! With all the dusting and scouring you’re doing, it can be easy to miss one bacteria-prone zone right in front of your nose: your makeup bag! Follow these four easy steps to spring clean your makeup and maintain good makeup hygiene.

1. Toss

Gather all your makeup together—out of your bathroom, your car, your purse, your counter, your desk—into one big pile. Then, let the tossing begin!

To make your decisions easier, consider the following:

  • Is it past its expiration date?
  • Is it broken or missing pieces? 
  • How often do I use it? (It may not be worth the clutter.) 
  • Do I even like it? 

If you need further thoughts on what to toss/what not to toss, click on the product timeline below. 

2. Wipe

  • Take all remaining bottles, cases, and compacts and wipe them down with a cloth, a make-up wipe, or a wet wipe.
  • Disinfect metal tools like tweezers and eyelash curlers with alcohol wipes.
  • For best results, repeat once a week.

Tip: if the makeup doesn’t come off with a wipe alone, a tiny bit of makeup remover will do the job.

3. Wash

To keep brushes in top condition, use a shampoo specifically designed for brushes (such as Brush Bath by Trish McEvoy, $14 at The Cosmetic Market) once a month.

1. Pour a capful into a medium size glass of warm water and swish the brush around in the mixture (make sure not to get the handle of the brush wet as it will break the glue down).
2. Rinse the hair under warm water until it runs clear.
3. Squeeze out the excess and lay flat to dry.
For a quick cleaning every day, you can spray a cleanser (such as Brush Off, $9-$32 at The Cosmetic Market) on your brushes and wipe with a tissue.

4. Store

The way you store your makeup is more important than you think. Here’s our tip: have two clear, flexible bags—one small one with essentials for when you’re on the go, and one larger one at home with more products. Why? They’ll be easy to wipe down (makeup can’t hide on clear) and you’ll likely remember to streamline and clean it out sooner next time.

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