Picking a Posture-Improving Bra

Benefits of Extra Support

Keeping a good posture is an everyday struggle. Through all the office meetings, TV binges, and car rides, it seems almost impossible not to slouch! Women with larger breasts have a harder time, as the additional weight alone can lead to chronic back pain. If you’re in need of some extra support, a posture-improving bra might just be the answer.

While there are different styles of posture bras on the market, they all share similar benefits. By redistributing weight across the shoulders, these understated undergarments provide back support, reinforce good posture, and release tension in the neck, back, and shoulders. They are typically made with a comfortable, breathable fabric and designed with wider straps and a wide band, translating to fuller coverage to supply the necessary support.

Posture bras can come with a front or back closure, and styles range from longline bras and posture-correcting sports bras to the more traditionally shaped bras. 

Underwire is optional depending on the brand. And style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for comfort – many brands now incorporate intricate lace designs and V-neck cuts into their products.

When choosing the perfect posture bra, there a few things to consider:

  • Research and read reviews before you shop. This might involve scouring the internet, or you could ask for professional recommendations from your doctor or chiropractor.
  • Attain your accurate bra size. Just like with regular bras, a wrong size won’t provide you with optimal posture support. And since many posture bras lack the same adjustable qualities as regular bras, getting that flawless fit is all the more important.
  • Find a balance between comfort and support. When wearing the bra, you should feel your shoulders being gently pulled back, but no pain should be caused by the product itself.It’s not a torture device!  

A posture bra isn’t an overnight fix or magical solution to your posture problem. While these bras offer support and encourage good posture, it’s ultimately up to you to train your body to maintain the proper position!

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