Optical Illusions

If your eye makeup routine could use a refresher, check out these tips and tricks from local makeup expert Candance Hernandez, owner of SpaGo Chattanooga, to create a quicker, more natural-looking eye effect.


Candace says, “Put on foundation first to see what it covers and then go back in with the same foundation to cover up blemishes or dark spots near your eye.” If you need a concealer, choose green concealers for red-toned blemishes, and orange-gold concealers for blue or brown-toned dark spots.

Brow Fillers

For brows, Candace suggests backing off of dramatic fill-ins. “I only recommend a pencil if there isn’t enough hair to form the full brow. Then you just make small hair strokes to fill in the natural brow line. Otherwise, I recommend a powder applied with a brush through the entire brow to settle in and fill them out symmetrically.”

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“Less is always more here. Choosing the right color is sometimes more important than knowing the right technique. To highlight blue eyes, choose a brown that has an orange or gold undertone. For green eyes, choose a brown with more of a red undertone. To highlight any eye color, choose a shadow with an undertone that is the color opposite your eye color on the color wheel,” Candace shares.


Similarly, use an eyeliner with the opposite colored undertone of your irises.
To make your eyes look more open, use a white or highlighting liner for the water line (inside edge of bottom eye lid). “Just use this sparingly, as it can start to look fake,” she shares.

Mascara & Eyelashes

“If you only have time to do one thing, make it mascara!” Candace says. She also advises that lashes can be used without looking fake. She recommends products made of human hair, for a more natural look. Also, opt for a dark-colored lash glue to ensure a better match with the lashes. Lastly, brush on a few strokes of mascara to fuse the lashes to your natural ones and create a seamless effect.

Picture of Candace Hernandez

Candace Hernandez

Owner of SpaGo Chattanooga

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