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Makeup Mistakes

4 Makeup Mistakes You're Making

You’ve diligently washed your face and applied moisturizer, so now that you’re reaching for makeup there’s no need to worry, right? Not so fast. Makeup mistakes that could affect the health of your skin and eyes may be looming. Here are some common slip-ups.

Mistake 1: Never Cleaning Your Brushes

If it’s never crossed your mind to give your brushes a sudsy rinse, think about this: when you use them nearly every day, they start to accumulate stuff. What kinds of stuff? Old makeup, oil, dead skin cells, and dirt to name a few – all of which can lead to the growth of acne-causing bacteria. To keep your face clean and clear, aim to wash them about every two weeks.


You can wash most brushes just like you would human hair – with warm water and a dollop of shampoo. Let them air dry overnight, then enjoy soft, clean bristles the next day.

makeup brushes

Mistake 2: Using Any Ol’ Concealer


Those of us who are acne-prone are usually picky about foundation (no oil-based products for sure!). But what about concealer – that makeup that often goes right on top of blemishes? Unless you want to irritate your skin even more, make sure you pick a concealer that’s water-based instead of oil- or silicone-based. Applying extra oil to those spots can worsen your breakout, while silicone can drive any existing bacteria deeper into your pores. 

Ingredient Watch

Anything ending in “cone” is likely to be silicone, though it’s commonly listed as dimenthicone or methicone.

Mistake 3: Wearing Only Waterproof

Wearing waterproof mascara day-in and day-out is never a good idea. One reason is that it dries lashes out, making them prone to breakage. It’s also extremely difficult to remove –  even with most makeup removers – and any extra tugging or scrubbing can stretch the delicate skin around your eyes and eventually lead to fine lines. Our tip? Save the waterproof kind for special occasions when mascara is most likely to smudge.

Mistake 4: Keeping Expired Products

It can take months to use up a tube of mascara and years to finish a whole palette of cream eye shadow. But just because a product hasn’t been used, doesn’t make it safe for your face. Expired makeup can cause infections and spread germs. Plus, it probably won’t work as effectively as it once did. 

When to Toss

If your product doesn’t have an expiration date, here are a few guidelines:

mascara, liquid eyeliner
Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner

After 3 months

cream makeup
Liquid Foundation and Cream Eyeshadow

After 6 months

Powder Eyeshadow and Lipstick

After 2 years

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