Guide to Choosing Shapewear

In Good Shape

When it comes to a night out on the town or an important function, you want to look and feel your best. Enter shapewear. These undergarments work to smooth skin and banish bulges while giving your confidence a boost. But how do you know what type of shapewear is right for you? We’re here to help!


What it’s good for: This all-in-one version may look like a swimsuit, but it can pack a punch. A bodysuit not only smooths out your stomach, it also lifts your bosom and bum, which makes it perfect for nearly any outfit.

Body Control Dresses

What it’s good for: Made specifically for hugging curves, body control dresses work to shape thighs and define waistlines. Some options also lift the bust for an all-around sleek silhouette.


What it’s good for: Also called garter dresses or body briefers, this option is perfect for dresses and skirts. Most come with stocking clips to help keep them in place, and they can even double as lingerie.

Shaping Camisoles

What it’s good for: This comfortable tummy-tucking style is an alternative to wearing a bodysuit. In addition to working well with fit and flare dresses, shaping camisoles can pair with most blouses that are styled with jeans, trousers, or a skirt.

Waist Cinchers

What it’s good for: If it’s an hourglass shape you’re looking for, this is the style for you. Essentially a wide belt, waist cinchers add definition to your waistline, smooth your stomach, and support your back.

Longline Bras

What it’s good for: Back bulges are a thing of the past with longline bras, which have a longer back band than regular bras. With added support for your bust, this is a comfortable option to add a little smoothness to your silhouette.

Shaping Shorts or Leggings

What it’s good for: Available in a variety of lengths, shaping shorts are ideal for slim-fitting skirts or skinny jeans. As a bonus, many of these products also provide a lift for your tush and can cut down on chafing.

Control Briefs

What it’s good for: This popular style of shapewear mimics boy shorts and works to lift and round your bum, as well as provide a touch of tummy support. Some control briefs even have thigh-slimming properties. 

Arm Shapers

What it’s good for: Less prevalent than tummy-tucking and butt-boosting options, arm shapers are everyday shapewear pieces designed to help out – you guessed it! – your arms. These are great for tight tops or long sleeve dresses and can help with poor posture.

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