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Travel Beauty Tips

Whether you’re on the road for business or pleasure, travel can be disrupting to your daily routine. It’s easy to forget to pack something you need, and your nighttime and morning healthy beauty rituals are often knocked out of balance. For the sake of your skin and your sanity, it can be helpful to find a few trusted products that carry the heaviest load in your self-care regimen. These local ladies have perfected their packing lists when it comes to beauty products – check out their favorites and see if there’s something you could adopt!

Niti Tejani

“Traveling is an escape from the daily routine, but whether I am visiting family, friends, or out for business, I want to feel like myself and not take shortcuts that I’ll pay for later. I always travel with my Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil. It comes in a convenient travel size bottle and has been my go-to at home or on the road for over 10 years!” 

Corinne Hill

“I try to keep my toiletry bag pre-packed with a week’s worth of necessities. I keep a list of my favorite items and restock after every trip so I’m always ready. My carry-on makeup bag is also always pre-packed with travel size products. My must-have carry-ons for comfortable travel include hand cream, Chapstick, Evian facial spray, wet wipes, Colgate MaxFresh Wisps (disposable mini-toothbrushes), and an eye mask.”

Gabrielle Sanders

“When I’m on a long flight or car ride and I want to feel refreshed, I always reach for rosewater spray. I also use it on overnight flights as a morning boost because it’s hydrating and smells great. I currently use Mario Badescu’s travel size spray from Ulta, but I’ve also found different brands at Target and Walmart. Rosewater spray is my absolute favorite beauty essential when traveling!”

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