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Smooth Operator

With summer still in full force, shaving is vying for a spot in most women’s beauty care routine. When it comes to selecting a product, everyone wants a razor that cuts everything it should (and nothing it shouldn’t). 

flamingo razor
smooth operator razor
Oui the People
billie razor

Great for: Hard-to-Reach Areas

As stylish as it is practical, Flamingo raises the bar with its revolutionary razor. With handles in a plethora of fun colors, each one of these razors has five Swedish steel blades. These blades are affixed atop a flexible hinge that provides near 90-degree range of motion and makes contouring to curves a piece of cake. In addition to its flexibility, the weighted handle is outfitted with a ridged, non-slip finish that offers premium control. Even better, Flamingo donates 1% of its revenue to non-profit organizations, making this a purchase you can feel good about.

Great for: Unparalleled Precision

Although this razor may come with a premium price tag, Oui the People’s product offers precision that is second-to-none. Don’t let the captivating rose gold finish fool you; this razor can do some serious work. With only one stainless-steel blade, this safety razor requires a different approach than most on the market. Here, short strokes over small areas will yield the best results, and with its weighted handle, next to no pressure is needed to get a quality shave. Blades only need to be changed every five to seven shaves, and the textured metal handle ensures that users are able to get silky smooth skin with no slipups. 

Great for: Women with Busy Lifestyles

Have you ever gone to shave and noticed it was time for a new blade, only to realize you were all out of replacement cartridges? Enter Billie – a razor company that mails replacement blades based on usage. Subscribers can get replacement blades shipped to their front door anywhere from every month to every three months. Cognizant of both form and function, each Billie razor features five nickel-free, rust-free blades with a comfortable ergonomic rubber-backed handle. Charcoal shave soap surrounds the blades and provides a perfect glide while simultaneously cleansing skin.

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