Eyebrow Shaping

Dos & Don'ts

Great eyebrows can do wonders for your face: from making your eyes appear bigger and brighter to giving structure and definition to your features. Unfortunately, the opposite is true, too—badly groomed brows can make you look harsh, or even add years to your face. Here are 10 essential “dos and don’ts” of eyebrow maintenance to help you get a natural, polished look. 

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Do: Tweeze after a shower. The warm water will open up the follicles so they’ll release the hair more easily.

Don’t: Use a magnifying mirror. If you get too close, you’ll lose perspective on how the overall shape looks. Go for a regular mirror with plenty of natural daylight.

Do: Be picky about tweezers. Look for a sharp, slanted style with a good grip—you’ll be able to be more precise and grasp stray hairs easier without pinching your skin.

Don’t: Rush yourself. Tweeze one hair at a time and alternate between brows to make sure you are staying even.

Do: Stay true to your natural shape. To know where the top of your arch should be, a great trick is to grab a pencil and hold it parallel to the outer edge of your iris.

Don’t: Use dark pencil. In general, it’s best to use a pencil or powder one shade lighter than your hair color when filling in your brows. Too dark of a shade and you’ll look like you’re scowling.

Do: Soothe your skin post-tweeze. Dip a cotton ball in tea tree oil, witch hazel, or a soothing lotion with vitamin E and apply to skin to relieve any irritation.

Don’t: Do permanent hair removal. What you think is a good idea at 35 may not seem like a good one at 60. Too thin of a brow can make you look older. Ideally, your brows should be between a quarter-inch and a half-inch at their thickest.

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