Bags with Balance

For the Worker Bee or Mommy-to-Be

Large Jamie Leigh at Project Free 2 Fly

"This handmade bag covers a range of needs, is lined with pro-tuff that can be wiped down, and has a hard, structured base. You can carry this bag three ways: as a tote, as a crossbody bag, or as a backpack. By attaching the strap to the d-rings on the back side, you create a backpack that equally distributes the weight of the bag.”
Joanna Ivy
Creative Director, Project Free 2 Fly

For the Practically Posh

Blaze Convertible Purse at Chattanooga Shoe Co.

“The Blaze by HOBO transitions easily from shoulder bag to backpack, and the backpack can be worn to distribute weight more evenly across your body. In addition, this dual functionality allows carriers’ hands to stay free. The backpack option also creates a more efficient bag for those who are on the go or traveling, making it a great bag for any lifestyle.”
Amy Ingle
Manager, Chattanooga Shoe Co.

For the Minimalist

The Pippa at Embellish

“One of our most popular crossbody bags, the Pippa has five interior compartments and an accordion design to keep you organized. Made of soft linen with an Italian leather strap, it is comfortable to carry. The convenience and judicious weight distribution of a crossbody bag supports the posture and health of any woman on the go.”
Terri Holley
Owner, Embellish