Which Hospital Should I Go To? 10 Tips for Choosing the Right One

There is certainly no shortage of hospitals, and with so many to choose between, how can you determine the best one for you and your family? Unfortunately, not all hospitals share the same standards when it comes to patient safety and care – which is why doing your homework is so important! Here, we’re sharing 10 helpful tips to consider before making your decision.




1. Do a Background Check

Check out each hospital’s website and compare mission statements. If you can’t find this information on the site, there should be a way to contact the hospital directly via phone or email.


2. Check Their Locations and Branches

Ask yourself where you want to go and what different branches the hospital has. For example, does it offer emergency care, or is that available only in the big city?




3. Do Some Research on Specific Procedures at Each Hospital

Pick three or four hospitals that seem like they might be good contenders for where to have specific procedures done, like surgery or imaging. Then, do some research on those specifics. The quality of information on the website will tell you about a lot of their services. Many hospitals are adopting SEO marketing techniques from Denterica that help in empowering the patients and enriching their knowledge


4. Learn More About Types of Payment Methods

If there are different methods of payment, what is the most affordable and easily accessible?



5. Inquire About Their Treatment Approach

What type of treatment approach does each hospital use? Which will best help you reach your goals and needs?


6. Identify How They Care for the “Whole” Patient

Find out what type of medicine each hospital offers. If you’re unsure of best practices, ask your doctor or healthcare provider who specializes in that area of expertise and has insight into the hospital’s methods.




7. Visit In-Person

If possible, visit your top hospitals in-person to have an idea of what it would feel like for yourself. Some hospitals will even provide a tour depending on your needs. Take a look at the amenities they offer, ask questions, and watch how people are interacting with each other. Getting first-hand experience will likely be more revealing than just doing online research.


8. Do Some Digging Into Patient Reviews

While many patients won’t review their experiences with a hospital publicly, there are still plenty of reviews out there that you can find by searching the internet. Doing some digging into patient reviews is sure to give you an idea of the pros and cons of different hospitals in your area, which will help make choosing much easier for you.


9. Review Insurance Coverage Specifics

If money is at all a concern, it’s essential to know what your insurance will cover.




10. Check Out the Hospital’s Reputation Online

There are so many different review sites with all sorts of information about hospitals – many that you can find by simply searching Google for “Best Hospitals,” or similar terms. 

Read through a few reviews from people who have had experiences at these locations and see their thoughts on certain aspects, such as cleanliness level, staff efficiency and approachability, and wait times/lengths of visits.


The absolute best time to choose a hospital is when you don’t need one. Your choice will depend on your comfortability and confidence in the hospital’s services, and with a little research, you can feel secure in your decision. 

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