Surprising Health Benefits Of Having A Clean And Tidy Home



Having a clean and tidy home has become a top priority for American households: spending on cleaning products increased by 34 percent in 2020. While some people are redoubling their cleaning efforts to stay healthy, most individuals are staying on top of their chores to have a well-maintained home. But apart from reducing your chances of getting sick, did you know that having a clean and organized living space can also be good for your overall wellbeing? If you ever need more reasons to clear your house of clutter, here are the surprising health benefits of having a clean and tidy home. 

It reduces anxiety and stress

There’s a reason why you feel uneasy whenever your home gets too messy. Having a cluttered home can result in anxiety or stress, and a study of American mothers has shown that those who live in a cluttered home environment have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who live in a well-organized house. Feeling constantly stressed can lead to other health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, so take action and start organizing and clearing out clutter from your home. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, create an organizing schedule so you can tackle one area or room at time. You may also want to do daily, 15-minute organizing projects to help you stay on top of your cleaning and tidying schedule.  

It can improve your ability to focus

Having clutter in your home can make you unfocused: you’ll have a harder time staying on task, and it also makes it more difficult to be present in your home life. To start the decluttering process, clear your home of things that you don’t need, and either donate them to people who could use those items, or discard them completely. You may also want to sell unwanted items so you can make a little extra cash. Getting rid of unnecessary items will improve your ability to concentrate on your work or studies and heighten your attention span, and it also allows you to be more present for the people that matter to you. Apart from making your home look better, getting rid of clutter can also serve as a kind of catharsis and can help you feel more independent and more in control of your life.  

It can make you feel calm

The act of cleaning and organizing can be calming, as hands-on activities that require you to focus can put you in a meditative state. The next time you’re feeling restless, try organizing a drawer, rearranging a book shelf, or sort your mail. Consider playing some soothing music while you’re tidying up to get you in the mood to clean. You can also make the experience even more pleasant by lighting a scented candle or using an oil diffuser so you’ll associate cleaning and organizing with positive and pleasurable experiences.

It can help you get better sleep

People who sleep in messy or cluttered rooms are more likely to have sleep issues such as difficulty falling asleep or having poor sleep quality. Getting a full night’s sleep is essential for better health and wellbeing, since it can boost your immune system, strengthen your heart, boost your mood, and improve your memory. To have better sleep, simply do a quick clean up of your bedroom. Put away scattered clothing, dust and organize your dresser, and don’t forget to change the sheets. You may also want to air out your bedroom to get rid of odors and make your room feel and smell fresh. Having a clean and tidy bedroom can give you a sense of accomplishment, and it results in a good night’s sleep.

Cleaning and tidying up not only makes your home environment more aesthetically appealing, but it can also help to make you physically and mentally healthy. Organize your home regularly to stay on top of clutter and to feel happier and healthier. The positive feelings that you get from the process will motivate you to keep on tidying, and it may also encourage your loved ones to do their part to keep your home neat and clutter-free.    

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