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Mindfulness at Home

woman eating mindfully

How to Start Eating Mindfully

Mind Your Meal When was the last time you ate a meal without scrolling through your phone or answering a work email? It happens to

Book and glasses lying on a bed under sheet in Chattanooga

Nighttime Unwind

5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep One of the best ways to ensure a better tomorrow is figuring out how to harness a healthy

woman doing yoga chattanooga mindfulness

Maneuvering with Mindfulness

The Most Natural Way to Improve Your Life It’s Monday morning. You hit the snooze button three times because you stayed up late binge watching

Young woman practicing downward facing dog pose playing with her pet in the living room

The Art of Mindfulness

How to Stay Calm & Sane in a Fast-Paced World We live in stressful times. The modern world is a fast-paced maelstrom of competing responsibilities,

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