Organize Your Bathroom

Simple Suggestions to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

In this small, yet essential room, counter space is prime real estate.

With these simple suggestions for organization, you can make the most of your space and enjoy more stress-free mornings.

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Benefits of an Organized Bathroom

Did you know that a messy space can immediately trigger stress hormones? Not only does a tidy bathroom look more attractive, it can actually relax you to have everything organized and in its place. A little organization will also improve your bathroom’s functionality. When searching for new body wash or a bandage, you’ll know exactly where to reach for it. And maybe most importantly, an organized bathroom is more sanitary! When there are less odds and ends on your countertop and there aren’t dirty clothes covering the floor, it’s much easier to clean surfaces (and bacteria won’t have room to set up camp).

Getting Started: Decluttering & Cleaning

If you’re looking to harness all of these benefits, it’s time to get started. The best way to begin any organizational project is to clear out clutter. Eliminate unwanted, unused, or expired items by throwing them away or donating them. Once you’ve purged the room of unneeded items, take this opportunity to give the room a good cleaning.

Choosing Storage Containers

Now you’re ready to place the items you’ll keep into appropriate storage containers and other areas of your bathroom. For liquids and toxic chemicals like cleaning supplies, plastic bins or plastic-lined baskets under your cabinet or in your closet are safest. They will help contain the liquids and chemicals in case of leaks or spills. Clear containers are great for cosmetics and medications, as they allow you to see what’s inside and find what you need faster.

If you’re working with a smaller bathroom, sometimes you have to be creative with storage options. Consider mounting baskets on the wall to store towels or toilet paper, which can save floor space. Add open shelving near your vanity for extended room for cosmetics that helps keeps your counter clear. Fit hooks or a rack to the inside door of your cabinet to hang hair appliances.

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Organizing Your Vanity & Drawers

Keep as many items as possible off the vanity. This allows you to wipe the counter frequently and have plenty of space to get ready every day.

Designate drawers and cabinets for similar items, such as towels and wash cloths, extra body wash and shampoo, razors, and so on. You can line drawers and cabinets with contact paper or include plastic trays in the bottom to make cleaning easier. When you’re ready to clean these areas, simply lift out the plastic tray or peel off the liner and clean or replace them. The drawers and cabinets themselves will stay cleaner this way.

Organizing Your Closet

If you have a linen closet, organizing it can be very simple and gratifying. Go ahead and fold your towels and linens neatly, stacking them where they’re easy to access, and group them by size or color – whatever you prefer. Group smaller items together in bins or baskets to keep them from becoming scattered and disorganized. Always organize your most-used items closest to the front for easy, quick access.

Organizing Your Shower & Bathtub

This can be a particularly challenging area of the bathroom to organize, as the bathtub and shower often don’t have storage built into them. When choosing additional storage equipment, avoid flimsy suction-cupped shelving or caddies that hang on the neck of the showerhead. Instead, invest in quality, heavy-duty storage equipment. Also, it never hurts to condense your shower routine. Consider eliminating extra steps or storing rarely used products somewhere besides the shower.

Once you have this area of the house well-organized, you can streamline the time spent here and enjoy it more. You can also keep it clean and sanitary much easier and hopefully faster. Organizing vital areas of your home is a wonderful way to make the rest of your life a little less stressful while keeping your home healthy!

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