Health in a Minute: Make a Healthier Smoothie

It’s hot and you’re craving a smoothie. Unfortunately, most of the smoothies sold at delis and restaurants are filled with added sugars and empty calories. It’s far better to make one at home – and to help you with that, here are some tips:

• Nix the ice cream. For a lower-calorie, lower sugar option, start with a base of milk and ice.

• Add protein. Make your smoothie hardier by adding some low-fat Greek yogurt (watch out for added sugar), almond butter, cottage cheese, or protein powder.

• Go green. Sneak in a handful of spinach, lettuce, or kale for an extra nutritional punch.

• Don’t add sugar. If you are already using ripe fruit, that should be enough to sweeten your smoothie without adding honey, sugar, syrup, fruit juice, sweetener, or agave. If you’re desperate for more sweetness, consider cinnamon.

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Source: Women’s Health, FitSugar