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How Business Owners Can Care for the Health of Their Staff

If you think that business management and employee health aren’t related, think again. In recent years, the connection between the two has been at the forefront of many conversations in the business world, and for good reason. More and more managers and business owners are starting to realize that without a healthy, active, and engaged staff, their businesses will suffer (in more ways than one).

With this in mind, we’re sharing a few ways that business owners can properly care for the health of their staff, along with the positive outcomes that may offer. After all, a healthy staff is necessary for a healthy workplace.

Covid Protective Measures

COVID-19 Protective Measures

COVID-19 protective measures are the most relevant example at the moment because of how essential they are to retain staff and keep them productive. For instance, the best at home test in the market is BinaxNow, and supplying staff with those in order to keep them tested and to give them time to self-isolate if they yield a positive result is extremely important.

You can limit the amount of downtime that staff might have by allowing remote working opportunities to run seamlessly. This means ensuring cloud support functionalities are properly aligned, that staff are trained in remote cybersecurity practices, and that the staff are informed regarding any changes you may make. Taking some time to enact these protective measures can allow you to more adequately handle the transmission of the new COVID variant, all while retaining the essential care of your employees.

Confidential Reporting Systems

Unfortunately, despite implementing a no-tolerance policy, it is sometimes possible for staff members to experience issues such as workplace bullying and harassment. It’s not hard to see why this can lead to higher staff turnover.

The best way to avoid this is by integrating confidential reporting systems that staff feel comfortable using. This way, you can confidentially handle that report, interview appropriately, respect the person’s claim, and get to the heart of the issue while preserving the dignity of everyone involved. This requires proper training, the correct protocols, and the means by which to ensure fairness and appropriate staff treatment as a core principle of your brand.

Mental Health Support & Worthwhile HR

Mental health support is as important as anything else when managing your staff. This obviously goes beyond considering how to get the best out of your ‘workers,’ and more how to ensure those working for you are actualized and supported as people. After all, they spend most of the week working for your company, and a kind word or understanding support is necessary from time to time.

For instance, a staff member suffering from a personal hardship can be met with care and consideration if they knock on your door. Sometimes, being referred to medical staff, or ensuring that those staff members suffering from burnout have their workload properly aligned, is necessary. You’ll want to work with proper mental health services you can refer them to, as well as give them time to attend those appointments.

Maintained & Appropriate Safety Equipment

There are some provisions that absolutely must be considered in order to protect the health of your staff. Often, that can be as simple as implementing ergonomic furniture with back support.

Yet some work environments place their staff in much more hazardous surroundings than a typical office environment. In these situations, equipping your staff with the best safety equipment and maintaining it, or paying for replacements, is of the utmost importance. This may involve purchasing eye protection, heavy aprons, thick gloves, proper footwear, or other protective gear.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Fire safety in the workplace must not be overlooked. It is directly helpful to the health of your staff to reduce the time they need to take to properly notice, report, and evacuate the building in the presence of a fire. Fire safety deals with considerations like respiratory problems from smoke inhalation and burns, but also against traumas that might build as a result of the consequences of poor fire safety care.

For that reason, it’s important to go above and beyond, meeting government guidelines and exceeding them, in order to ensure your business can be evacuated quickly and efficiently.

Incentivizing Worthwhile Health Decisions

It’s important to note that companies can sometimes have the influence to encourage staff toward certain healthy life pursuits. For instance, some businesses subsidize half of the cost of a gym membership in their local town to help keep their staff active, while others may even invest in an on-site gym or facilities.

Another potentially helpful program is anti-smoking aid. To start with, staff who quit smoking are much less likely to encounter negative health effects, which is a bonus simply thanks to caring about them as a team member. Additionally, this means that staff will take fewer (if any) smoke breaks, and that the exterior of your building will be smoke-free and more approachable. In order to encourage your employees to drop this habit, you might offer breaks to those looking to quit smoking. Financial incentives are another option to consider.

Bike Rack

Bike Racks

It’s good to incentivize staff to ride a bicycle to work; biking is not only a great form of exercise, it will also allow your employees to get fresh air and help them remain alert for the day. This form of transportation may additionally prevent parking spaces from being taken up and reduce your exterior pollution. Perhaps you could subsidize the cost of a bicycle to help your staff start this healthy habit. Health decisions incentivized with wisdom have a higher likelihood of sticking.

With this advice, you’ll no doubt see how business owners can, and sometimes must, care for the health of their staff.

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