Healthy Weight

Weight Gain

Is it inevitable as you age? We’ve all heard about the Freshmen 15, but unfortunately weight gain often doesn’t stop after that all-too-common phenomena. Many

The War on Weight

Commonly described as an epidemic, obesity affects a disproportionate amount of the American population. Not only are more than 36% of U.S. adults obese (as

Belly Fat

“Pot belly,” “love handles,” “spare tire” and “beer belly” are all terms that have been jokingly used to describe the excess fat that accumulates in

A Weightly Topic for Women

Those jokes about middle-age weight gain suddenly don’t seem so funny now that maintaining your ideal weight has become more difficult than in your 20s

Rev it Up!

Remember how your mother told you to stop fidgeting and not to eat between meals? If you want to rev up your metabolism, and lose


“I tried it all,” recounts Kathy Freeman, a registered nurse who tried and failed at using weight loss programs throughout her adult life. “As a

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