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Why intravenous hydration?   

Direct delivery of hydration, vitamins, and energy-boosting agents to the bloodstream means the body absorbs 100% of the benefits of the targeted treatments. When drinking fluid or taking oral medications and vitamins the body might only absorb as little as 30%. One liter of IV fluid is equivalent to 2.5 gallons of water taken orally. IV fluids are a more efficient way of hydrating.

What vitamins can be delivered this way?

Hydration techniques can offer a variety of different medications and vitamins. Some choices are Vitamins B12, B complex, B9, C, D, and Zinc. Some examples of medications deliverable through this method are Pepcid, Toradol, Zofran, and Glutathione.

Who can benefit from IV hydration?

IV hydration aids in a range of ailments but some of the most common issues it is used to treat are alcohol overindulgence, cold or flu, jet lag, pre or post workout, maintenance of
skin, nails, and hair, and overall exhaustion.

How often can I hydrate?

Each treatment is approved based on the individual clients’ health. Because this is a medical procedure, licensed nurses are on hand for consultation and can discuss a healthy hydration regime that fits each client’s needs.

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