Ask the Doctor: Tattoo Removal

Q. I’m suffering from “tattoo regret” and really want my tattoo removed!
What are my options? 


A. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic laser technology, tattoos can be removed permanently and safely. Your best approach is a short series of PicoSure laser treatments with a highly-trained laser specialist. Depending on the color and amount of ink in the tattoo, most patients will need three to eight treatments for complete removal. Keep in mind that even after removal, you will always have a faint outline of the original tattoo. The PicoSure laser is revolutionary in that it is far more expedient than older lasers, which require three times as many treatments and still may not be effective. Older lasers can also leave some patients with permanent scarring. Other options include partially covering the tattoo with permanent makeup, which is not always possible, or camouflaging it with another tattoo.


Chad Deal, MD
Cosmetic Surgeon
Southern Surgical Arts
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