Sunsational Summer Skincare

Summer is approaching—and that means it’s time to make a couple of adjustments to your skin care routine. With all those rays you’re catching outside, it’s important to be using products daily that can protect your skin and the delicate tissue on your lips from UV exposure and the drying effect of the sun. Here are two top picks from local retailers that can give you the extra moisture and protection you need.

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For Sun Protection
Supergoop! Sunscreen Mist

In addition to providing complete broad-spectrum protection, this healthy sunscreen mist delivers antioxidant-fueled hydration that moisturizes skin without leaving an oily residue.

Where to buy it:
Natural Body

423.756.2639 (Riverview)

423.266.6288 (Downtown)


For Luscious Lips
Miracle Lips

Wonderful for dry, cracked, and/or sunburned lips, Miracle Lips is a corrective lip serum enhanced with 100% natural moisturizing butters and cell-rejuvenating vitamins.

Where to buy it:
Nutrition World