Summer Makeup That Lasts and Lasts

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iStock_000016654820_MediumThe hot, sticky humidity of summer doesn’t fade until mid-fall around the Chattanooga area, and when temperatures rise, makeup runs (or smudges, or smears, or drips). Here are a few ways to choose makeup that’s good for your face and won’t succumb to the high temperatures.

By Candice Graham

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Cover model Parul Patel’s top tip: “Moisturizer with added SPF for extra protection is an absolute must in summertime! I would have to say, though, that my all-time favorite summer makeup product is probably bronzer. I love the nice overall glow it gives to your skin with no tanning necessary!”

Use baby powder: A quick dusting of baby powder will absorb excess moisture from your face and make it easier for makeup like eyeliner and lip liner to stay in place. Added bonus: It also reduces acne and pimples by drying out pores.

iStock_000027145302_MediumOpt for a stain: Lip stains and blush stains, have lots of pigment, making them long-lasting and color concentrated. Look for a stain that also hydrates, as some can leave lips and skin feeling dry.

Prime before you apply: Primers help makeup stay in its intended place. Some primers can do wonders for skin, too. Take BB cream for example, which does the job of not only a primer, but of a moisturizer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation all in one!

Go waterproof: Waterproof makeup won’t budge no matter where your summertime activities take you. From diving into a pool to crying at a wedding to being caught in a rainstorm, with waterproof, you’re set. When choosing a waterproof foundation, opt for one with added SPF so the summer rays won’t burn your skin.