Storing Medication?

Q. How should I store my medications?

A. You should store medications in one designated location, a place that is dry and cool. The kitchen and bathroom are bad places to store medicines because of the heat and moisture generated. Medications should be out of reach of children. Do not store medication in the refrigerator unless directed to do so by the label. Keep medication in the container in which it comes. Some medication, like Pradaxa, must be kept in its original bottle and once opened is only good for 30 days. Nitroglycerin tablets should be kept in their original glass container and replaced yearly once opened. Thyroid medications should be stored at no higher than 86 degrees and should be replaced if exposed to higher heat for a considerable period of time. You should review your medications once a year and discard any that are no longer in use, medications that have changed in color, odor or taste and any that are not in their original container. Any further questions about storage should be directed to your pharmacist.

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