Dr. Shevonda Sherrow

Innovative Women’s Health Specialists

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Shevonda Sherrow’s happiest professional moment took place in March of 2016. “It’s when I opened my own practice, Innovative Women’s Health Specialists,” Dr. Sherrow shares. “My vision was for a progressive practice that addressed women’s unique health care needs.” Three years later, and Dr. Sherrow has found success offering a full range of in-office services, from routine gynecological care to specialized procedures, including ultrasounds, endometrial ablations, and hysteroscopies. “We are not your typical women’s health care specialists,” she says. “I believe in coupling compassionate care with innovation to create a legacy of excellence.” Dr. Sherrow’s passion for helping women extends outside of the office – she’s also been an enthusiastic volunteer with female-led community organizations, such as Girls Inc. and A Step Ahead Chattanooga.



“We strive to give our best care to each woman we encounter.”



1. What sets your practice apart?

My practice is for all women of all backgrounds and walks of life. We promote a culture that allows women to be unfiltered and unique, without judgment. We make an uncomfortable experience comfortable.



2. What do you love most about your profession?

I love that what I do not only positively affects a woman in that moment but can continue to positively help her from adolescence to maturity – even helping her future offspring!



3. What is your best advice for patients?

Love yourself and take care of yourself. Cherish time spent with loved ones. Get your yearly GYN exam. Make sure any new partner gets STI testing before an intimate relationship.



4. What accolades mean the most to you?

Being a mother. Mother denotes strength, endurance, bravery, patience, love, healer, and leader.



5. What do you see as the most exciting new development for your profession?

More female influences and perspectives for health initiatives and disease management of women.


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