Mazor X System

What Is the Mazor X System?

The Mazor X is a comprehensive surgical planning system developed to aid surgeons in providing optimal outcomes during spinal surgeries. It is comprised of three-dimensional planning tools, advanced imaging technology,
and an intra-op surgical arm for instrument positioning and implant placement.

When It’s Used

For patients requiring a spinal fusion to correct problems in the vertebrae, the Mazor X can improve efficiency. Described as a “welding” process, a spinal fusion merges two or more vertebrae together with screws so they can heal into one solid bone. The procedure helps restore stability to the spine and reduce or eliminate pain with motion. Spinal fusions can relieve symptoms of back issues like degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, herniated discs, and more.

How It Works

The Mazor X system is comprised of three processes:

Pre-op Analytics

During this planning phase, your surgeon will take a CT scan of your spine and load the imaging into cutting-edge anatomy recognition software. From there, a 3D visualization of your spine is created. This helps your surgeon identify strategic placement for the fusion screws and can be done days before or at the beginning of a surgery.

Intra-op Guidance

To ensure the proper screw placement for a successful fusion, your surgeon will use the Mazor X surgical arm to guide the tools and implants during surgery. This guidance is based on the plan created during the pre-op analytics stage.

Intra-op Verification

The Mazor X software moves the surgical arm, equipped with an integrated 3D camera with spatial tracking, into place. The camera confirms accurate positioning of the surgical arm. Once the verification is complete, your surgeon can use the arm to insert tools and screws to complete the spinal fusion with precision.

Benefits of the Mazor X System

In the past, spinal fusions were completed using X-rays and freehand screw placement. Now, thanks to advancements in technology, these surgeries can be completed more precisely. The Mazor X system is the next step in computerized robotic navigation, allowing for an easier and minimally invasive surgical process. HS

expert opinion on the mazor x system doctor j. alex sielatycki at center for sports medicine and orthopaedics