Mazor X System

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By Anna Hill


This surgical assistance platform increases the precision of spinal fusion procedures. 


What Is the Mazor X System?

A comprehensive surgical planning system, the Mazor X was developed to assist surgeons in optimizing spinal surgery outcomes. It is made up of advanced imaging technology and three-dimensional planning tools, as well as a surgical arm for positioning instruments and placing implants. 

When Is It Used?

When suffering from issues with the vertebrae, some patients will need a spinal fusion procedure to correct the problem, and the Mazor X improves efficiency during these procedures. Spinal fusion is a process that “welds” two or more vertebrae together with screws, allowing them to heal and fuse into one solid piece of bone. The goal of this procedure is to restore stability to the spine and reduce pain that accompanies certain motions. This procedure can be a solution for those suffering from health issues such as herniated discs, scoliosis, or degenerative disc disease. 

How Does It Work? 

The Mazor X system is made up of three processes:

Pre-op Analytics.

During this planning phase, the surgeon will take a CT scan of your spine and load the resulting images into cutting-edge anatomy-recognition software. At this point, a 3D visualization of your spine is created, which helps your surgeon identify strategic placement for the fusion screws. This can be done before or at the beginning of a surgery.

Intra-op Guidance.

Once a plan is developed, your surgeon will mount a platform to your spine and take another 3D scan of the surgical field. Then, multiple photos are taken of your anatomy to ensure they match the pre-op analytics.   

Intra-op Verification.

Equipped with an integrated 3D camera with spatial tracking, the Mazor X software guides the surgical arm into place and helps to verify its accurate positioning. Once this is complete, the surgeon can use the arm to insert tools and screws to complete the spinal fusion with precision.

What Are the Benefits? 

In the past, spinal fusions were often done by using x-rays and freehand screw placement. Advancements in technology now allow the surgery to be completed robotically and with higher precision. The Mazor X System is an excellent example of progression in the field of computerized robotic surgical navigation, which results in easier, less invasive surgical processes and better patient outcomes. HS


Dr. J. Alex Sielatycki shares his professional opinion on the Mazor X System