Infant Tylenol Dosage

Q. Infant Tylenol was recalled again because of dosing issues. If needed, how do I know how much to give my child?

A. Tylenol is a very popular brand name of the medication acetaminophen, commonly used to treat pain and fever in both children and adults. This medication is very good at controlling fever in children, but can be very dangerous if the child gets too much. There has recently been concern among parents about a recall of the Tylenol infant drops. The product was recalled because of some complaints from parents that the plastic part at the top of the bottle was falling into the bottle and making it difficult to use. There were no issues with the medication itself, just with the bottle design. This recall only applies to certain lots of the infant drops, and parents can check for specific lot numbers. So how much Tylenol should you give your child? The correct dose will be based on your child’s weight and which product you are using. The infant drops of Tylenol are very concentrated, and should be used in children less than 2 years old, while the children’s Tylenol suspension is designed for use in children over 2. The concentrated infant drops are no longer manufactured, but some parents may have bottles of infant drops bought previously. There are also “meltaway” tablets available for older children. Ultimately, dosage will be based on the child’s weight, and the package insert will have a good guide for this. If there are questions, please check with your child’s physician. It is important to note that Tylenol or any other fever reducer should not be given to children less than 2 months old unless directed to by a physician, as fever in that age group requires immediate medical attention.

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