Healthy Hosiery for Fashionable Feet

Staying warm in the winter is a must, but being stylish while doing so is an added perk. Plus, during this holiday season, travel is abundant. Whether riding in a car for a long time or flying for a couple of hours, compression socks are a great way to maintain healthy circulation while sitting still. So keep your toes toasty, stay stylish, and contribute to your comfort with these winter wearables from local retailer Sockwell.


The Winterlust Compression Sock by Sockwell in ChattanoogaThe Winterlust

This snuggly cold weather sock has a cushioned leg and foot made from a blend of fine merino wool and alpaca yarn for ultimate comfort.

The Softie Compression Sock by Sockwell in ChattanoogaThe Softie

These socks have a non-binding relaxed fit to protect and pamper sensitive feet, making them diabetic- friendly.

The Women’s Circulator

These lifestyle compression socks reduce swelling and fatigue during and after long days on your feet.