Ask the Doctor: Foods for Strong Teeth

Are there any foods you can eat to improve dental health?

Good nutrition is a vital part of total wellness, so it comes as no surprise that the same dietary recommendations that apply to overall good health apply to good oral health, too. The nutrients our bodies need include both vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D and calcium, which are found in dairy products, are needed to help strengthen our teeth and bones. Vitamins A, B, and C – which are found in fruits and vegetables like oranges, strawberries, sweet potatoes, and carrots – aid in healthy gums. Magnesium and other minerals found in lean meats and beans help our bodies fight tooth decay. Reducing sugar intake is another important part of maintaining both overall and oral health. Begin by limiting sodas, sweet tea, energy drinks, and desserts and snacking on natural foods (e.g., celery, carrots, and apples) instead of sugary, processed foods. When you are not able to brush your teeth following a meal, you can chew sugarless gum containing Xylitol to help prevent tooth decay. But of course, it’s still recommended that you brush at least twice daily and floss regularly.


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