Food For Thought

(above) Christy Smalley and her son, Jackson, enjoy a meal from Dish T’Pass.

by Katie Faulkner
Photography by Rich Smith

Chattanooga’s growing prepared meal service industry is stirring up something tasty and convenient!

“I need to eat better!”            

“I really should pack my lunch every day.”

“I’m just too tired to cook tonight!”


Are thoughts like these always in the back of your mind? For so many busy families and individuals, the reality of constantly maintaining a nutritious diet is a strenuous one. In today’s busy world, it’s especially difficult.

If consistently eating healthy meals is on your list of goals for 2018, one of the Chattanooga area’s prepared meal services may have a perfect solution for you!

While there are numerous prepared meal services available in Chattanooga, this article provides a snapshot of four who are serving up success for busy families around town.



Dish T’Pass

Description: Catering largely to families and group mealtime, Dish T’Pass offers a mix of menu items that include family-friendly comfort foods as well as lean proteins, simple side dishes, salads, veggies, fresh cut fruit, and desserts.

Menu: Range in variety from comfort-style meals to lean protein and produce options

How to Order: Visit their website and request that week’s menu. Once the menu arrives in your inbox, fill it out by Friday at noon for Monday evening or Tuesday pick up. No ordering minimum.

Pick Up or Delivery: Meals
can be picked up at Dish T’Pass’ West 6th Street location on Monday evenings or on Tuesdays.

Average Cost: $3.50-$12 per serving

Dietary Accommodations: Gluten-free and vegan

The Chef and his Wife

Description: With The Chef and his Wife, you can choose from a large variety of meals, snacks, party platters, soups, casseroles, and dressings to complete your one-time meal order, or you can order for the whole week.

Menu: Traditional Southern, family meals, a-la-carte items, and more

How to Order: Place your order on their website or by phone. Select fresh (ready to heat and eat) or frozen homemade items and select pick up or delivery preference at check out.

Pick Up or Delivery: Delivered for a fee of $15 on Saturdays. Pick up for free at East Brainerd or Hixson locations Monday through Saturday.

Average Cost: $5-$11, with family or party-sized items priced accordingly

Dietary Accommodations: Gluten-free, sugar-free, diabetic-friendly

Vibrant Meals

Description: With menu rotations focused on fresh, local ingredients, Vibrant Meals offers a number of different plans to help you achieve your specific nutritional goals.

Menu: With produce and meat sourced locally as much as possible, most meals fuse ethnic style with ample produce, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates, and they come ready to eat.

How to Order: Place your order for a minimum of five meals by 8 a.m. on Friday mornings for Monday delivery or pick up. Or, place orders by Sunday night to receive them on Wednesday.

Pick Up or Delivery: Delivered for a fee or you can pick your order up for free from either of their locations (NorthShore and downtown).

Average Cost: $7-$11 per meal

Dietary Accommodations:
Dairy-free (all meals), gluten-free (all meals), weight-loss portions, low-carb portions

NourishPoint Nutrition

Description: A relative newcomer on the prepared meals scene, NourishPoint Nutrition provides not only a health-centric menu, but also nutritional coaching programs from certified sports nutrition coaches.

Menu: Health-focused meals and a-la-carte items for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, with multiple portion size options

How to Order: Grab-and-go meals available at their storefront location.

Pick Up or Delivery: Pick up your meals for the week or grab items on a daily basis at their NorthShore location.

Average Cost: $5-$15 per meal, with family-sized options priced accordingly

Dietary Accommodations: gluten-free, portion-controlled, goal-oriented

Meal by Dish T’Pass