Dr. Andrew Kreek


About Dr. Andrew Kreek at PrimeImaging

Neuroradiology specialist Dr. Andrew Kreek has been a part of the PrimeImaging team for more than a decade. “Most people don’t realize that when you come to us as a patient, your test is read or your procedure is performed by one of our radiologists who is highly specialized in the area of concern,” says Dr. Kreek. “This allows for a unique approach into a higher standard of care.” Delivering excellent radiological outcomes is a practice that Dr. Kreek prides himself in for patients who depend on his expertise to receive the care they need. “Relieving the anxiety for the patient is critical,” he says. 


“When it comes to navigating a diagnosis, I strive to make the process clearer for my patients, with results to further their care.”


1. What sets your practice apart?

As a boutique radiology practice, we are composed of highly trained and specialized physicians. We are focused on our ability to offer exceptional outpatient imaging services in the Chattanooga and North Georgia area with four locations.  


2. What do you love most about your profession?

The ability to collaborate with referring physicians on a patient’s results and treatment planning. It’s exceptional care for the patient when we come together doctor-to-doctor. 


3. What is your best advice for patients?

Being an informed consumer of your healthcare is vitally important. 


4. What do you see as the most exciting new development for your profession?

From a radiology standpoint, advancements in medical technology are always key to what we do. The ability to diagnose and uncover medical issues sooner for patients is critical.


5. Why have you chosen this field of specialty? 

My journey into the medical field was somewhat unorthodox. After spending some time in the private business sector, I considered some tough decisions. That meant a change in career path, where I found an opening to work in a local hospital. After being engrained within the healthcare setting and interacting with physicians, I determined my new direction into neuroradiology.


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