Danielle Sisk

That drive for an active lifestyle has carried through, and today she works as a personal
trainer, making people stronger, healthier, and less injury-prone. Read her best advice,
fitness motivation, and more here!






What inspired you to work with others to achieve their wellness goals?

My original plan in college was to go into physical therapy, but as I visited different rehab facilities I found myself wishing I was on the other side of injury; helping to prevent it instead of rehabbing it. To me, that meant personal training, a career where I could help make people stronger and healthier and hopefully help prevent future injury. As I got more involved in the career, I found that it is so much more than helping people achieve their wellness goals. It's helping people gain confidence, it's putting a smile on their face when they go down a size, it's giving them the opportunity to be active with their family when they couldn’t before, and it's about helping people gain a better quality of life: physically, emotionally, and mentally.

What’s the best piece of advice that you give clients to help get them motivated?

Find your purpose. One thing I've noticed that separates those who are successful from those who are not is that those who succeed have found their "why." When you're tired and don't feel like working out, when you're out to eat and are tempted to eat poorly, when you're eight weeks in and haven't progressed as quickly as you want...the only thing that is going to keep you going is your purpose. Why do you want to get healthy? Is it so that you can get out in the yard and run around with your kids or grandkids? Is it because your family has a history of diabetes and you want to break the chain? When you find your purpose, don't let it go.

As a healthy lifestyle expert, what tips of yours can other women implement?

Lift weights! Too many women are afraid to get in the weight room and pick up anything over 10 lbs. You will not get bulky or manly, you will get toned and strong! If you’re unsure of what routine to do, get a personal trainer or go online and search for free workout programs. There are plenty of them!