Annual Advancements in Medicine Special Section

By Lucy Morris

New research in the field of medicine constantly brings us updated procedures, techniques, and technologies that enhance patient experience. Whether it’s a smaller incision, an accelerated healing process, or an easier way to diagnose disease, these advancements help doctors provide patients with cutting-edge treatment. Here in Chattanooga, we’re fortunate to have exceptional physicians who are focused on delivering the best care every time. We are proud to share some of their newer offerings in the following pages including:

SpecialSection.SESpineAdvancements in

Relieving Neck Pain – Southeastern Spine

For patients suffering from advanced degenerative disc disease in the neck, Cervical Total Disc Replacement (CTDR) can resolve symptoms without limiting range of motion.

SpecialSection.ChattHeartandRhythmAdvancements in

Heart Health – Chattanooga Heart and Rhythm Center

In the past, patients with pacemakers or implantable cardiovascular defibrillators were advised against undergoing MRI chest scans. Now, compatible devices are eliminating the complications.

SpecialSection.FriesenAdvancements in

Sexual Health – The Friesen Center

Advancements in field of sexual health have led to the creation of two non-surgical, outpatient treatments – FemTouch for women and EDWave Therapy for men.