5 Beauty Tools to Inspire

Innovate Your Beauty Arsenal With These 5 Tools

By Katie Faulkner


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Blackhead Silk FingerBalls

Yes, these are exactly what they look like – exfoliating finger capsules from repurposed cocoons. Natural silk strands wick blackhead-causing sebum from your pores, while exfoliating the skin’s surface.


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Hair Mascara

Who hasn’t missed a root touch up before? Next time, there’s no need to sweat it with this super stealthy, pocket-portable hair mascara. It’s made by numerous brands and comes in a variety of colors.


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Snail Creams

You read that correctly. Tons of beauty products are harnessing the natural benefits of snail slime in creams for skin and hair. This trending ingredient contains elastin, protein, antimicrobials, hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, and other known beauty enhancers.


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Water Therapy Shower Heads

Trade in your traditional showerhead for one of these overachievers! Therapy showerheads can be in-stalled with cartridges that soften water (for hair and skin health), and dispense vitamin C, collagen, and aromatherapy scents.


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Personal UV Monitor

Guard yourself against sun damage with one of these wearable monitors that alerts you to your daily UV exposure. Many come with customizable settings for personal skin tones and will inform the wearer when they’ve met their daily UV limit.